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It’s (finally) That Time! September 30, 2008

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The invitations to the wedding are out and about and ready for RSVPs.

Get to it, people. I can’t wait, I can’t wait!! 🙂


Ha ha. 40 days and I’m hitched. Woooo hoo!


Braggin on the (future) hubby… September 25, 2008

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Jess Stern and Sarah Vaughn gave me this great idea to brag on my husband to be. I might as well begin things on a good start. Maybe kiss up a little? Ha ha kidding. I’m doing this because it really is from my heart.

Will Stern is the most amazing man of all time. And I say that with complete and utter confidence. I would shout it to the world from a mega phone if I could…but, sadly, I don’t have a megaphone. Just a blog.

He has managed, somehow, to impress me in any way possible in regards to being a man. He has the most integrity out of any human being I’ve ever crossed paths with. He not only stands up for what he believes in, but he lives it out in his own personal life. He lives life different…set apart… to better please God. His sole desire in this life is to reach God’s heart and to understand it. Almost every time I talk to him, he brings up at some point how he needs to fall more in love with God’s heart. He lives differently from the world: whether it’s not watching TV or not having internet in his house, or burning my Victoria’s Secret magazine (and finding that it re-caught on fire and smoked up his house), spending hours a day in the prayer room, speaking in the spirit all the time to be in touch with God, valuing marriage and commitment, not kissing me until engagement, or WHATEVER… he does it with JOY!! He would do anything to be more passionate for the things of God’s heart. He is the most content person I know. He just loves his live and rarely complains, unless he really does have something to complain about. He loves to support me in my gifts and passions and encourages me to go further. He looks up to me spiritually, but he also knows the right way to lead me spiritually. He really does attempt to understand me as a woman (and I say “attempt” because sometimes I don’t even understand myself). Even when I’m emotional and have dumb hormones going crazy, he takes the time to really support me and listen to me. He values whatever I have to say and does it lovingly… he apologizes if he misses something I say. He makes me feel like the only girl on the planet and is contantly affirming me by telling me that I’m beautiful. He wants children (just as many as I do) and looks forward to the day that he will be a dad. He recognizes my “love languages” and takes them to heart. He is driven… he knows his passions and is eager to keep moving and never be stagnant. His heart is for KINGDOM things not earthly things. He is SO stinkin talented in every little thing he does and is the best at it all. He plays every instrument known to man and produces his own music. He writes songs and melodies and leads people in worship. He is a leader in every sense… whether it’s speaking to a group of people or wanting to change the world… he always has the confidence to do it. He loves his family and can’t wait to start our own here soon. He doesn’t solve problems with his own mind, he learns to turn to God’s word and recites verses when something in his live needs to change. He teaches me how to be a better woman of God every day! He is hilarious… always making me get a good ab workout 🙂 He is an awesome steward of his money… very careful for where he spends it and is looking toward the future to see where he can save. He ALWAYS wants to grow and get better at something. He’s always asking me how he can be better in an area.


I really, truly, honestly could go on and on….and on and on and on.
BUT… it’s probably time for me to get back to work.

Next time you see my William, give him a hug, a pat on the back, a cookie, an entire cake, a sticker, a guitar pedal (whatever you think is appropriate)…because he sure does deserve it.

He is a true definition of a man of the Lord and I am SO SO blessed to be able to share my life with someone with such high character. God must really love me! 🙂


Blessed September 23, 2008

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What a great weekend!

Despite having the most awful cold of my life and being on the other side of the world from the love of my life… I so enjoyed myself.

My mom and my sisters got in town Friday and we all spent some much needed time together. We don’t get to do that much since we all live in different states. We all stayed in my future house…each one in a different room and got to chat about my future as a Mrs.

Saturday, we prepared all morning for my wedding shower and then at 3:00 everyone showed up. I am sooo blessed for all of my wonderful friends. Thank you guys for, literally, showering me with your gifts and your love.

Sunday, we went to church and, afterwards, went shopping and bought all my much needed little things for the big day. My mom SPOILED me.


Anyway…all this to say how blessed I really am.


oh….and William comes home tonight. FINALLY! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder… I feel like I may explode pretty soon with love. Does that make sense? No. Well….. I’m in love. It doesn’t have to 🙂


Yearbook Pics September 16, 2008

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Apparently Will was quite the catch in 1976

As for me… 10 years earlier I was a dish.

(I look like my mom here!)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures I found 😉




More updates… September 10, 2008

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Here’s some updates….


*We are now officially past the 2 month mark for the wedding. Only 59 days to go and I can’t wait! Some exciting wedding things coming up… Sept 20th is my first shower and I’m so excited. My sisters and my mom are all coming in to spend the weekend with me! My dress should be in in a few weeks. We are sending out invites within the next week or so. All fun things.

*Be praying for Will, his dad, and his brother Mike. They are going to Bulgaria on Tuesday where they will be speaking and ministering to several groups of people.  Pray for safety, of course, and for the Lord to speak through each of them as they become Jesus’ hands.

*I am moving out of my apartment Sept 30th and moving all of my things into my new home (Will’s house) and then will be living temporarily with the Stern’s until the week before the wedding. I’ll be a little discombobulated (sp?) for a little while. But it’s all worth it. Pretty soon I’ll be living comfortably and snuggly at my new home with my wonderful husband. (That is so weird to say!) –This is all to say that I’m so thankful for in-laws who are so willing to take me under their wing when I need some extra help. They are so wonderful!

*Luca is now smiling and it melts my little heart!! What is it about a baby’s smile that is just so precious? Maybe it’s because it’s so genuine. He laughs and coos at all my dumb faces I make at him. No one else would do that….. not even Will. 🙂


* Why is it 4 times easier for guys to gain muscle mass than girls? So unfair. Will has done push ups for the past 3 days and already looks like Arnold Schwartzeneger. Gosh!

*I can’t believe it’s already hitting 70 degrees!! I hope things don’t cool off already. I don’t want a blizzard on my wedding day. Who knows what you’re going to get in St. Louis though.

*God has blessed this marriage beyond anything I ever expected!! We got a free sleep number king size bed, a free brand new suade couch, and SO much free for our wedding! It’s amazing. Thank you, Lord.


A Challenge… September 7, 2008

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I want to challenge anyone, who is willing to be a little uncomfortable and live a little differently, to do something.

If you don’t already, I challenge you to just a week (or more if you’re feeling dangerous) 🙂 to cutting off all entertainment culture from your life. I’m talkin’ TV, movies, gossip magazines, non-worship music, walking into a blockbuster (cuz we all know that that’s the equivalent of going into a XXX store). Just for a week, try it. It’s SO easy to live in our American culture and be used to the things that are thrown in our face every day… the things that pull our attention from God. We all know it’s true. 

I’ve been doing this now for the past 6 months or so and it’s been the most fruitful thing that I’ve ever done. I figured I should share it with people. It would be a crime to not tell people how amazing it is. 

Yeah, it’s a little weird at first if you’re not used to it, but soon you start realizing that, when you used to have to fight to hear God, He is now able to have that spotlight in your life without screaming over all the noise. Believe me, it’s A LOT easier to hear Him. I don’t think it should have been hard in the first place… I was ultimately making it hard on myself.


Anyway… try it out. In place of that time, listen to some worship music or just even sit in silence with the Lord. It’s so refreshing and refuels you like nothing else. 

Why do American Christians (as a majority) settle for less in their lives? By putting all this junk around us, it creates more room for stress, fatigue, and fighting to stay pure. 


I promise you, you won’t regret making things a little easier for yourself… and for God to get through 🙂


Me and My Groom September 2, 2008

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Engagement pics: