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Billy Bob June 24, 2008

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One more post for today:

No one and nothing makes me laugh harder than Will. Especially when he acts like a red neck by putting his top lip above his teeth and talks with a lisp (ie. calling me “sh-weetie). Hilarious.

Maybe it’s because I’m his girlfriend and he is always so funny to me, I don’t know….. but I literally had to tell him to stop doing this because I couldn’t breathe and my abs hurt from laughing.

This was on a day when he was feeling a little goofier than normal, so he decided to put his seat all the way up at the steering wheel, while doing that face. I call him “Billy Bob” when he assumes this position (William Robert….get it?) 🙂
Oh, and he kept asking me to make sure I got the geese in the picture. We even had to back up the car in order to include them.

I’m sure he’ll be less than thrilled that I put these pics up, but oh well… that’s what he gets for being ridculously funny. I found these pictures……….

Oh P.S- He always laughs that on a girl’s list of what they want in a guy, “makes me laugh” is always on top. Well, it looks like I got a keeper ha ha.

The beginning of the shananigans

Oh geez. I’m laughing just looking at them now.


Zephaniah Ramblings

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I’ve been reading about the prophet Zephaniah today. I know, kind of random. But I just feel like we can learn a lot from his warnings. Zephaniah was used by God to speak the truth to Judah about the judgment they would face if they didn’t turn their ways to God. The people of Judah had turned their backs on God as they worshiped idols and other gods. Even with Zephaniah’s warning, many continued with their ways and refused to listen. Because these people did not search their own hearts, and because they were content with the moral chaos around them and indifferent to God, God used the Babylonians to enter into Jerusalem for 20 years to drag people out of their hiding. No one would escape God’s judgment and justice. Like a father, God loves His children and had to punish them in order for them to grow. Because God is holy, he cannot allow sin to continue. But God is also faithful to his promises and He could not stay angry forever with Israel, or with you or me. We are His children and, because of that, He loves us and always seeks our good.

Anyway, I just had to give a brief recap of the background of what I was reading.

It’s obvious to me that our world can easily be compared with Judah. God is speaking to each one of our hearts asking us to be faithful to Him and turn our eyes to Him…but with all the chaos and sinfulness, people have become comfortable in their ways. Despite what they hear the Lord telling them to do.To escape God’s judgment we must listen to Him, accept His correction, trust Him, and seek His guidance. If we accept Him as our Lord, we can escape His condemnation. On the day of all days, our Lord will return to restore those who have been faithful to Him, but also bring judgment and wrath over those who have known His ways but choose to ignore it.

I’m mostly relating this book of the Bible to America’s materialistic way of living. Our entire culture is rooted in money. Everywhere you look its, buy this, invest in that, debt with this, overspending with that.
 It becomes so easy to find comfort and stability in money. For me, it becomes stressful easily when I am low on money or somehow off budget. One thing that I think a lot of people need to be challenged on is to not find any hope or rest in money. Just look at our nation right now alone; people seem to be so distraught at the simple fact that our dollar isn’t holding its value. By reading these verses, I have come to the point where I can seriously say….

Who cares?!

It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday financial stresses because we often forget that it’s not our money in the first place. We are not in ownership over our money…we are stewards of God’s money.
Now, isn’t that a relief? Seriously, think about that for a minute. The almighty creator of all we know is taking care of things. Phew. I don’t know about you, but I breathe easier when I remind myself of that.

Don’t let material comfort be a barrier to your commitment to God. Prosperity can lead to an attitude of proud self-sufficiency. We need to admit that money won’t save us and that we cannot save ourselves. Only God can save us.
Money is not evil in itself, but it is useless to save us. In this life, money can warp our perspective, giving us feelings of security and power. Just as the Israelites’ wealth could not save them from the Babylonian invasion, when the Lord returns at the final judgement, all the material things we have will be completely worthless. Only Christ’s redemptive work in our lives matters for eternity. Christ alone will allow us to be ransomed if we trust Him….not our money.

I just love reminding myself of this because, for some reason, it is so easy for me to get in a mindset that the more money I have, the more comfortable I am. It’s just not the case. If I put my life on my money (or lack of), I will forever be tossed around in waves of stress, hopelessness, frustration, and fear.

A day will come when all nations will be severely punished. But after judgment, He will show mercy to all who have been faithful to Him.

So, today, make it a point to live from this day forward to give up any thoughts about money or materialistic things. They don’t belong to us anyway. Let’s, instead, live for this day….
“For then I will give to the peoples purified lips, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord, to serve Him shoulder to shoulder” 3:9

God will remove the proud people and leave the meek and humble. Those who are humble, both physically and spiritually, will be rewarded because they trust in God. Self-reliance and arrogance have no place among God’s people or in His kingdom. Not because He He wants to leave people out… but because He cannot allow any unholiness into His presence.

I am so looking forward to the day when the Lord will hide me from His wrath and restore my fortunes in heaven. 🙂 🙂

“Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth, you who do what He commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger” 2:3


Love Prevails Where the World Has Failed June 15, 2008

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Gas prices are rising. A devastating earthquake is expected anytime. Our economy is in a recession. Terrorists are unstoppable. Crime rates are rising. Global warming is burning up the atmosphere. Too many countries are at war. The stock market will crash any moment. Food has too many pesticides. Tornadoes are tearing up the midwest. If you walk outside, you WILL get struck by lightning and your leg will definitely fall off.

Ok, maybe not the last one. But it was just to prove my point.
This is getting ridiculous.

People, do you realize how much fear our culture is consistently trying to push on us every second of our day everywhere you look?? I don’t know about you, but I don’t even want to turn on the news anymore because I’m expecting that the next time I do, my TV may blow up or something awful. Not really but, once again, I’m proving a point. Hang with me here.

It’s sad that even believers are falling into the lies that God doesn’t have things under control. It’s like people assume that He’s all of a sudden forgotten about us and is going to leave us high and dry to figure things out on our own. Like He’s sitting back with a nice cold glass of ice tea saying, “I’m tired of this whole God thing. I think I’m just gonna take a break for a couple few hundred years.” Nope! That’s just not how He works. He is God. He can’t help that. He just happens to be the creator of you…me…this little world…and all that surrounds it. He definitely knows a lot more of what’s going on than we think we do. Let me tell ya now just to put a little more reassurance that there’s no need to fear: we, my friends, don’t have things under control. So, take a moment… dust off your shoulders (and your mind) of everything that leaves you feeling like you need to save the world or solve world peace or recycle more or fix the economy. Literally, take the world off your shoulders.

Now doesn’t that feel nice?

Although it’s great to be conscious of what’s around us and, as believers, try to bring the light of the world into the darkness, we need to focus on what God’s heart is. Ask daily for where He wants to use you.

Instead of focusing on the “hype” of what the world tells us of what we should be fearful about, ignore that and sit in peace in the presence of the Lord. Lay back and take a deep breath. Feel His heart beat and rest. That, to me, is where I want to be.

The Bible is pretty gosh darn clear that we should not fear anything. Fear is not from the Lord.
It’s pretty obvious that satan is trying to distract our eyes and our ears toward things that don’t matter; towards fear that causes us to be in a stand still. Let’s focus our eyes and ears back to the One who actually knows what’s going on and follow Him instead.

When we allow fear to rule us, we make fear more powerful in our life than God. Christ’s presence alone is the antidote to all this fear and chaos. We need to have more faith than we’re having in a time that seems a little more scary than normal. Faith is a mind-set that expects God to act. When we act on this expectation, we overcome fears.

Ask God to supply courage, confidence, and resources for the moment. “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matt 6:34

“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

I just want to encourage everyone to be more conscious of what they’re spending their time thinking about. Instead, praise a God who really does have everything in control.


Citipointe.Live has a great song called “Shine”
I sing it whenever I’m tempted to worry about things that really don’t matter. It’s puts my focus in the right place.
This whole CD rocks my face off. I would definitely recommend it. Check it out on itunes.
Here’s the lyrics:


Emotion stirring
A love that’s turning this world upside down
Heart beat pounding
Your love surrounds me
You are all things great
We stand in one accord
Bringing praise to our heavenly Lord
Joined in one  heart we cry out, Lord

You’re the Love of our life
In all we lift You high
We’re raising Your banner all to glorify Your name

Shine Your glory



Romance is a Dance June 13, 2008

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I’ve come to the conclusion that romance and love is alot like dancing. There is a certain flow to the whole thing. It’s give and take. Though someone can lead, both play important roles and react to each other. Though it can be practiced and planned, allowing it to be spontaneous and improvised enables a rush for which no one can prepare. Going too fast or too slow can mess it up. Both must be in tune to the same song, same tempo, same rhythm. When it happens, there is no one else in the world. Just this moment.

And I’m pretty positive I’m there.

My boyfriend, Will, is quite possibly the most amazing human I have ever had the opportunity of knowing. He is great at leading this relationship spiritually and encouraging me in my God-given gifts and talents. He knows how to speak up when he needs to and how to step back when appropriate. It makes me wonder why I ever wasted my time in relationships that I knew didn’t fit me. Maybe without those times I wouldn’t notice and appreciate all the details of his heart.
Never has a relationship, in any capacity, made me feel so refreshed and so excited for tomorrow. Never has a relationship tugged on my heart in all the right ways. Never has a relationship pushed me closer and closer into the depths of God’s heart. Never have I been able to trust someone so easily. Never have I been in a relationship with so much understanding. Never have I been able to be completely who I am with no reserves. Never have I had so much fun.

Until now.

I’m speechless. I just HAD to blog it 🙂
Who knows… maybe I’ll look back and be reminded of why I fell for him in the first place.
I hope I never forget!

Here’s some cute pics…




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My church is now posting video sermons from the weekend services online. Heck yeah.


I’m so excited. You should check it out 🙂


Meme June 11, 2008

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I was looking through Jess Stern’s blogs and she always has fun, creative things to do. Since I’m bored at work while the baby naps, I thought I would give some of them a whirl 🙂
This is a meme with picture answers. The plan is to google (image) your answer and then pick one of the pictures from the first page of results. After you read/see mine, do your own and let me know so I can check it out! (especially any of you secret blog readers that I may have)

1. What age will you be at your next birthday?

2. Where would you like to travel?

3. Where is your favorite place to be?

4. What are your favorite pasttimes?

5. What is your favorite food?

6. What is your favorite animal?

7. What is your favorite color?

8. In what town were you born?

9. In what town do you live now?

10. What is the name of a pet that you had in the past?

11. What is your best friend’s nickname?

12. What is your nickname?

13. What is your first name?

14. What is a bad habit you have?

15. What was your first job?

16. What was your favorite job?

17. What is your grandmother’s name?

19. What is your college major?



Prayer Journal: Isaiah 55:10-11 June 10, 2008

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“‘As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth. It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.'” Isaiah 55:10-11

1. “waters the earth”
-God’s word falls on us whenever we need it most
    -It heals a barren land
    -It quenches our thirst
    -It brings growth and stability to our future

-God’s word is like rain or snow. It seems it’s gone as soon as it falls. However, it’s always working in the earth. Rain and snow constantly nourish the earth to its balance. You don’t see the affects of rain right away, but it soon brings things back to life.
    -Keep reading God’s word, even when it seems like it isn’t growing you, and later see how it has grown you.
God, I’m thirsty for more of Your word. I want it directly from you. I want the clean water that you so eagerly rain down on me. I don’t want it to come from another source where it is able to be tainted.

2. “making it bud and flourish”
-God desires to see more and more fruit in our lives
    -if we desire it too, we will allow the water from His word to feed the seed in our soul that longs to know Him better. We will then see significant growth as we continue to water that seed.

Lord, I pray that you open my heart to growth. Don’t let me be afraid and turn away. I know I need your water in order to grow into who I’m meant to be. Consistently draw me nearer to the source of who You are, God, so that nothing in my soul will wither.

3. “yield seed for the sower”
-God wants to extend the Kingdom.
    -Give me more seeds God so that I am able to further Your Kingdom
    -Allow me to recognize that I have seeds that need sowing. Help me to focus on these things and seek Your knowledge in how to grow them!
    -He grows these seeds so that we may touch other people and help them grow further.

4. “bread for the eater”
-As we invest ourselves into other people, our seeds will grow more and we will, in turn, be ministered to.

God, help me to develop true bread in my life. Only Your bread is able to feed us. Nothing else satisfies. Help others to notice this bread in my life so that they too can have fulfillment.

5. “it will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it”
-God’s word is always moving and always searching. It doesn’t sit stagnant.
-It’s important to always speak God’s word to others because it will always achieve what God wants it to and will accomplish big things.
   -Nothing I say will last or make a difference.
-God is speaking to me constantly allowing me to help carry out what He wants to be done in this world.

Lord, I ask that you use me for Your kingdom. I have open arms, an open heart, and an open spirit to wherever you lead me. Constantly etch your word on my heart so that I will be able to combat any evil as well as speak good words to whoever I come across. I want the earth to be able to see the goodness of who You are and I pray that you help me declare that. I pray that satan won’t be a hindrance in what you want to speak in and through me. Lord, I long to see your word work through my life in every chance possible. Please don’t let me miss what Your heart is beating for.