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Dream #1 August 31, 2008

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If anyone is paying attention to the time that I’m writing this blog you may think to yourself, “what is this crazy woman doing writing a blog at 6 AM on a weekend?” — yeah I’m wondering that, too. In fact, I have actually been up since about 3 AM. It’s been an interesting night, to say the least. 

Ever since Kirk Bennett prophesied over me that I would be seeing dreams and visions soon and that they would be in the times when I’m half awake and half asleep, I knew I was in for something. When I talked to Kirk later, he reassured me to make sure to ask God what my dreams meant if I did have them. He writes books and series on how to interpret dreams and what not (speaking of which, I need to buy one of those!). 

Anyway, I’m going to be honest with you and say that I’ve been a little hesitant to pray the prayer, “God, speak to me while I’m sleeping”…. I’m not sure why. Will and I were just talking last night after church about how Kirk was talking about allowing the nighttime to be a time when your spirit gets to speak with God without your flesh getting in the way. Letting it be a time of rejuvenation for your spirit since it never sleeps.

Well, I prayed that prayer before I fell asleep last night at about 11 PM. I finally said, “OK God, I’m ready for you to talk to me”…and He did.

I’m not really sure why I’m putting this up for the whole world to see, but I sort of would like prayer from my close friends and family (because I’m pretty sure that’s all who reads this). Even just prayer that I don’t get fearful.

So, let me preface by saying that I stopped drinking caffeine about a week ago, mainly because I know it interferes with my sleep and I wanted to be rested. So, I know this isn’t a product of that. Also, I woke up at 3 AM with cramps (sorry if that’s too much information), and I couldn’t fall asleep because of the pain. FINALLY, I fell asleep at around 4 AM and that’s when I had this dream. I really was half awake and half asleep. 

I know this may seem crazy to people who may not understand everything I’m talking about, but for those of you who are in the same boat and on the same roller coaster that I’m on… you’ll understand the craziness of this whole spiritual battle that I feel like I’m in.

This is exactly what I wrote in my journal when I woke up from the dream. God kept telling me to get out of bed, grab my Bible, and write it down so I wouldn’t forget it…


The Dream:

I was laying in my bed at the exact time and place that I was actually in. I couldn’t tell if it was reality of not. In my dream I heard scary voices all around me trying to tell me that I wouldn’t win. I heard a specific voice say, “you can’t have them, Laura”. I have never heard voices sound so intimidating and have never heard a tone like that. In my dream, when I heard the voices, I opened my eyes and sat up in my bed and saw black figures everywhere. They didn’t look like people, they looked like scribbles all over my room. My initial reaction was to say, “In the name of Jesus, you MUST leave this room” but right when I tried to say it my mouth wouldn’t open. It felt like it was being held shut. I still managed to get it out with a mumble and bright white flooded my room. All the white surrounded the black and in an instant, they were gone. I got under my sheets, so scared at what had happened. I saw more black under my sheets and that’s when I woke up. I had to ask God immediately if it was real because everything in the dream matched exactly where I was at the time. I even had cramps in my dream. For some reason, while all the black was in my room, I couldn’t stop singing the song “My Glorious”. I got out of my bed (in the dream), and walked outside my room and my parents were sleeping on my couch and I told them what had happened. They prayed for me.


I asked God, when I woke up, what this dream meant and He told me to write this down. Mind you, this was after a few minutes of wondering what had just happened and wondering where I was.

“Laura, youre in a fight. I wanted to show you the reality of it. Satan is trying to scare you. He is seeing you as a threat because of the passion I put inside of you to stop the killing of babies. He thinks he’s winning right now but he’s not. He wants you to think that you don’t have a voice and that you can’t make a difference. You are underrated, but I want to use you. Don’t be fearful. Even when it’s dark around you. My name is your fortress. Even when they’ve tied your lips and your hands, remember that my name still stands strong. Don’t let your initial reaction be to hide (under your sheets). When you do, because of fear, you are letting satan in to scare you. This may seem like a scary time but remember that it’s not you doing this but Me using you for my will. Even when the entire human race turns against you, you still have the God of the universe on your side. Your parents are your intercessors. They pray for you that you will be strong and not fearful.”


After writing that down, I went and got my Bible because I kept feeling like I needed to read Isaiah. I opened it to Isaiah 28 and this is what it said:

“‘I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place. When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten down by it. As often as it comes it will carry you away; morning after morning, by day and by night, it will sweep through.’ The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror. The bed is too short to stretch out on, the blanket too narrow to wrap around you. The Lord will rise up to do His work, His strange work, and perform His task, His alien work.”


That verse was proof, in itself, that I’m not going crazy 🙂


I woke up from the dream crying because I’ve never experienced anything like that before. And now, here I am writing about it because I think it’s important that I remember it. I know some of you may be thinking, ” What the heck is this crazy woman talking about?”…but that’s the point I think. No one else needs to understand what God’s dealing with me on. He’s got my back. Even when the world may tell me I’m crazy.

I love how God even pointed out to me in His word that I won’t even have my bed or my sheets to hide under to keep me safe. Eventually, I will have no other refuge but in the Lord. No other places to hide. 



All this to say that I would love your prayers of protection and prayers to not be fearful. To constantly make the Lord my refuge when the world turns against me.



DWT- Driving While Texting August 29, 2008

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Ok, now first let me preface by saying how EXCITED I am that McCain and Palin are PRO-LIFE. I never want to vote for someone who isn’t, so now I’m happy to give McCain my vote to knock out a vote for Obama. That poor man is confused on where his morals stand.

Anyway, I’m not here to get into politics.


I have a story.

Last night I was driving to Target to exchange my sheets for a different set that Meg gave Will and I for our bed (thanks Meg!!!!!) –she even got us a comforter– ANYWAY, I had just gotten off 141 and was at the stop light ready to turn onto Clayton. I was the first car in line to turn left. I see the arrow turn green so I pushed on the accelerator (I was driving Will’s car). For some reason, the car wouldn’t go. I was embarassed because there were about 10 cars behind me all waiting to turn too. The next thing I know (about 3 seconds later) an SUV darts across the intersection coming the other way and went STRAIGHT THROUGH the red light. Not even braking once. After I saw that –my heart racing by now– I cautiously drove through the intersection.

Moral of the story being this: Isn’t God great? It proved to me, once again, that God really is my protector. I have never had a problem driving Will’s car ever and it was apparent to me that the Lord didn’t want me to go through that light until I could safely go. If I would have gone right when I wanted to, that SUV would have smashed the daylights out of me, and Will’s poor little Tahoe. Who knows what the outcome would have been if that were the case. I’m just thankful that the car wouldn’t go when I was trying to tell it to.

Thank you, Father, for always being my protection. Even sometimes when I forget that You are.

And, as a follow up, I drove past that lady in the SUV when I caught up with her and–I’m sure this isn’t surprising– but she was holding up her phone texting and barely watching the road. I wanted to roll down my window and give her a piece of my mind and say, “HEY LADY! Do you realize that you almost killed me?!” She didn’t even realize that she had just sped through a red light. But, then (after I had my minute of anger), I couldn’t help but only be focused on what had just happened.

 I thanked God over and over for saving me, once again.


Prophetic Word August 26, 2008

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This is the prophetic word that Kirk Bennett from the Zedok House of Prayer gave to Will and I about our relationship and for each of us. If you know our relationship well, you will be able to testify that this is definitely a word from the Lord. Everything rings true to each of us better than we would ever be able to describe it for ourselves. It encouraged us so much to be able to hear something that the Lord was speaking directly to us and to know, without a doubt, that things are stirring up in our hearts.

I typed out the word… I will put the recording of it as soon as I figure out how to switch an MP3 file to something else to put it on here. Don’t worry, Will is going to be here to the rescue soon 🙂

For now, take a gander



“I saw this instant picture of the two of you and you were getting locked into this massive roller coaster. And I understood that this roller coaster was His will. It went up and down, and it was initially so terrifying to you, it became just a wonderful glory. You’re going to lock in on the roller coaster of God.

And, Will, what I thought, or perceived, was that there’s been a part of you that has felt condemned for going so high and so low and feeling like, ‘Why do I just roll these emotions up and down all the time?’ and it’s been misinterpreted by others and by you as being unstable. It’s not instability. The Lord wants you to know, it’s His pleasure. He likes the heights and he likes the depths and you’re on a Psalm 84 journey. There’s a pilgrimage that you’re on in your life. The Lord greatly understands. The days ahead will bring understanding of things that have been kind of labeled as misunderstood around you. You’ve been misunderstood seemingly. The Lord wants you to know HE knows. The pleasure of God is over you in a profound way. You’re not missing it, you’re not barely getting it…anything like that. You’re walking in His will for real. He named you rightly because you’re on the pilgrimage of the will of God. That’s why He named you that. So, I just see this fire coming into your heart; there’s a burn inside of you that you have little or no outlets for and the Lord’s going to release outlets. It’s a burn shut up inside of you. Jeremiah described it as ‘there’s a fire in the bone.’ There’s a fire in the bone of you that you feel like you don’t have language for and the Lord says, ‘I have the language, Will. It’s MY will and I have the language for you. I intentionally locked it in you so that you would be consumed from the inside out and not put your hand to wildfire on the outside. I’m consuming you from the inside out.’

Laura, dreams are coming to you and they’re gonna increase. You’re in a season where the prophetic dream of the Lord is going to be your instruction. And the Lord’s gonna begin to increase and you’re gonna notice a shift and there’s going to be an increase of color and an increase of clarity. He would have you when you’re coming out of a dream just ask Him what the dream means. You’re gonna meet Him in the place of half awake and half asleep and it’s like you’ve already had times there between the half awake and half asleep when you’re going, ‘I don’t even know if this is God’ and the Lord wants to talk to you in the night season. He’s calling you into a Song of Songs ‘I sleep but my heart is awake’ season of life and it’s for high pleasure in God. But it’s also you’re underrated and that’s again for the purpose of God. You’re underrated. Because you have a prophetic voice inside of you. He’s gonna oil that voice. He’s gonna pour that oil of God onto your voice. And you’re gonna weep and weep and weep. You’re gonna have the gift of tears and you’re gonna have holy laughter. You’re gonna have your emotions overtaken by the emotion of God to where it will happen publicly sometimes, it will seem crazy. But the Lord is adjusting even your emotional chemistry to align with His.”


Updates… August 25, 2008

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I haven’t gotten the chance to update everyone on my life recently. It’s been a little crazy, to say the least.

*I can start off this blog by saying that I am having the time of my life right now. I feel so blessed for where I am in this season and the people that God has brought along my path. I love my new family. With my family being spread all over the U.S, it’s nice to have another family to support me. With the Sterns, I have gained about 3,945 new family members 😉 and they are all nothing short but wonderful. My new mother-in-law is so encouraging and takes time to pray with me. She always has the best hugs. My new sister in law, Jess, is so great. She’s such an inspiration… she’s been moving, taking care of two little kiddos, opening a new business, and 9 months pregnant all at the same time. When I feel like I’ve got it hard, I remember to think of her and her good attitude. Anyway, she’s in the wedding and I’m so excited to be considered family with her. I’m loving the thought of being an aunt soon. With miss Kennah and Eva and soon to be new baby girl, I can’t wait the thought of it. All of my new family members have been great. I can’t wait to be a Stern! 🙂

*What else is new, you ask? Well… I stopped drinking caffeine. If you happen to see me and I look like I’m going to punch someone’s lights out, well, blame it on the lack of caffeine. Ha, just kidding. No, surprisingly I’ve actually felt a lot more rested during the day. I think caffeine was making me feel tired. I was feeling a little convicted about drinking it and realized, why am I even drinking a sip of it if it doesn’t help my body in any way. I went back to the, “your body is a temple” verse and decided to take the leap of faith.

*Will and I have been watching “The Truth Project” DVD from Focus on the Family. At first, you feel a little lame for watching it on a Friday night because it feels like you’re in a college class or something. But, after a few chapters, you really start learning a lot. I would recommend it.

*I got my car fixed… $525 later. It was worth it, I guess.

*I gotta go feed a crying baby………


False Alarm August 21, 2008

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Much to my relief, I do in fact get to finish out my job until October 31st.


That was scary. I admit, I freaked out a little.

Just some thoughts…
1. I now respect McCain more now that I know that he is anti-abortion. He will definitely have my vote.
2. Found out that the guy that sang “Healer” (that I wrote about a few blog entries ago), made up his illness and lied to everyone. Wow. That stinks. I still love the song.
3. Is it November 9th yet? Sheesh.


First Roller Coaster Drop… August 20, 2008

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Anyone know of any job opportunities for me from now until November?

Something sudden came up.

Help!  =/


Looks like that prophetic word is proving to be of the Lord after all! I just keep reminding myself, “Laura… it’s gonna work out! God even told you yesterday that things were going to start getting hectic. Just breathe!”


Wedding Stuff and Prophetic Word August 19, 2008

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Wow… am I the world’s biggest blog slacker of all time, or what?

There’s gotta be a rule out there in blog world that specifies that you will, without a doubt, be banished from ever sharing your thoughts to the world in blog form if you don’t keep up.

I’m sorry! Don’t kick me off. Give me another chance! 🙂

I have good excuse. I promise. This weekend was a busy weekend with a rush of wedding plans swirling around mine and Will’s lives. My parents got in on Thursday night and Will and I spent the entire day with them on Friday making final plans for the reception for the wedding and putting together little details. It reminded me how much I always appreciate Will, for his easy going attitude and ability to make me laugh even when I’m stressed. It also reminded me of why I appreciate my parents so much. They are so adament about Will and I having the time of our life at this wedding. They want it to be a moment to remember and are doing anything they can to make it meaningful. We spent lots of time with the Sterns while my parent’s stayed in their guest room. We shared laughs, ate good meals, got to know each other (all 50 million of the Sterns), met my sister’s new little puppy, and made plans for the future.

I have NEVER been so excited about anything in my entire life.

Will and I are so blessed to have each other and to have families who back us up so much.

I was in the prayer room today (I didn’t have to work because I’ve been sick)… and was SO blessed by Kirk Bennett’s message. He said a prophetic word over Will and my relationship with one another as well as a word of prophesy over us as individuals. I was crying my eyes out. It was so a word from the Lord and so encouraging. The message and prophetic word was recorded, so I will put it up here when I get a chance.

One of the things said about our relationship was that God will be taking Will and I what may seem like a roller coaster of things. It will seem scary at first, but to be reassured that it is His will.

Maybe I should be asking for prayer. 🙂 haha. 

Kirk is a great man of the Lord and I so enjoyed his words over us.


That’s the update for now. I made some changes to the wedding website if you wanna check it out www.mywedding.com/willandlaurastern