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Election and God’s Heart October 24, 2008

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I am sooo stinkin tired of hearing about Obama and McCain. One thing about this country that I just despise is the constant overload of biased media getting pushed in your face every 2 seconds. Even when you don’t realize it sometimes, somebody is trying to convince you of something. Everything is confusing and you can’t even see straight. I wish I could just go by God’s word alone and not have to worry about Democrat this or Republican that. Back when the US government first began, it was soley based on God’s word alone. When bringing someone into office, they would make sure that whatever they said lined up exactly with scripture, otherwise they weren’t qualified. Years have gone by (and not that many), and all of a sudden here we are. Going back and forth on issues that shouldn’t even be questioned. It’s so sad that people have blocked the Lord out of their every day lives and no longer put their trust in him as provider. They look to this government that is back and forth and up and down. People seem to be more concerned with how much money they’ll have after the election than where they stand with God. They want quick answers to their debt that they created themselves and are hungry for more money. God’s law always stands true. He talks about not being in debt to anyone in His word, not for inconvienience but for our best.

I’m not trying to start a political debate here. I’m actually doing the opposite… I’m wondering why I am even concerned about the next election? No one is for God’s heart; not for abortion issues, for protecting Israel, for money issues, for justice. No one.

I’m honestly stuck. And God has really been dealing with me lately about this election. I’ve been praying for Him to show me His heart… ONLY His heart. I want Him to show me clear as day where He stands. Not Obama. Not McCain. I’m praying for Him to tell me what to do with my vote. I know I have a voice in this decision for our country by voting, but is voting even what God’s heart is? I know our society has brought us up from day one saying that we make the difference and that we MUST vote.

I guess I’m just wanting to know what to do on that day…November 4th.

Do I vote? Do I not vote?

It’s never even come up in my mind until recently. I was interested in reading about McCain and what he really believes about important issues, and he really doesn’t line up with God’s heart on a lot of things. Such as abortion and protecting Israel and what not.
This page shows what McCain’s position is on all of those things…



I don’t know. I haven’t prayed about it enough yet to make a decision. I’m just putting my thoughts out there and hoping someone can give me some wisdom as well.


I just have this question rolling around in my head…. As a believer, what is God calling His people to do?

I think it’s something that more people need to think about.


4 Responses to “Election and God’s Heart”

  1. Megan Says:

    Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if you choose not to vote. We have the right to vote, and also the right not to.

    I have been leaning towards not voting for a while now, and it’s amazing how people respond. “Oh my gosh, are you crazy!!? You HAVE to vote. You are dumb if you don’t exercise your RIGHT to vote.” I suppose if I’m living according to American norms, but I don’t really see anywhere in the Bible that says anything about having to vote. The 11th commandment isn’t “thou shall vote on election day”, although some people treat it that way.

    It’s not that I think voting in itself is wrong or right… I just think we should only do something if we feel led by God to do it. Not led by our country or peer pressure. 🙂

    I hope you get an answer. I am joining some other girls in a 10 day Daniel fast (veggies & water) starting on Sunday, and it will end on election day. We are doing it to pray for the nation to turn back to God. I am just going to do whatever God puts on my heart at the end of the fast. You and your friends should do it too! 🙂

  2. Meghan Says:

    There is no doubt that both have areas where they are not lining up. I think my viewpoint has been that one seems to oppose God’s word more than the other… but at the end of the day, I will do just what Megan is planning – pray and fast about it and vote how I am lead by the Lord.

  3. Nichole Says:

    If there is no government, there is anarchy, which I don’t think any of us want to live in. There is definitely one candidate who “opposes God’s word more than the other” as Meghan said. I believe that there is a person who God would prefer to be in office, and if we, as Christians, don’t exericse our right to vote, what will happen? The thought is not a pleasant one, therefore I am going to the polls on November 4. To me, the choice is obvious. I’m praying for the Lord to remove blinders from those who are confused and that the light would overcome the darkness.

  4. tylervaughn Says:

    Laura I am in the same boat. Tired of politics and wish we could just focus on Jesus stuff. I honestly believe that God has an appointed man for this hour. I don’t believe that either one of these men are a lesser evil. I don’t believe that, as Christians, we should base our vote just on what they “say” they stand for. I think in some ways they paste those up on their politics message boards so that they can simply gain the vote of certain people groups.

    I believe the only answer to knowing who to vote for will be found in honest prayer and fasting. God sovereignly and greatly moved under the rule of angry, ruthless, and unrighteous dictators. I firmly believe that he has an appointed person to go into office. And I know everyone thinks I am talking about Obama when I say this, and I’m not, but I think the one to go in right now is the one no one considers to be right.

    I really believe the focus and the best thing to pray for is the right judges to be put into office because they are going to be the one to start a reversal in the country. I’m praying the whoever is elected, whether they mean to or not, put in judges that God is wanting to work through.

    That’s my unimportant 2 cents.

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