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Baby Faux Hawk October 13, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Laura @ 2:52 pm

One thing that I’ve just recently come to a realization of is that Jim and Jess’ kids could very well resemble my children when they come into this world someday. Although Will and Jim are very different in a lot of ways, they sometimes look a lot like each other. Especially from the back. They’ll be in the same room facing the other way and sometimes I can’t tell who is who. Must be the huge shoulders and manly physique (as I’m sure Will would comment if he read this). Ha.

Anyway… I like the thought of having children maybe possibly who look as cute as Kennah, Eva, and Jadyn.

Here’s some comical pictures from a couple weeks ago when Will met Jadyn for the first time. See? You can already tell a resemblance. Jadyn comes out of the womb as a rock star.





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